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Welcome to JetPay

JetPay is a NASDAQ listed (JTPY) payment services provider with solutions for credit card processing, payroll processing, and prepaid cards, all designed to meet our customers' specific business needs. JetPay's operating entities and their leadership have provided innovative payments technology to American businesses for over 40 years, and they continue to do so on a daily basis



At JetPay, our focus is to help our customers to make more money, by authorizing more transactions, increasing renewal rates, providing better reporting, and freeing up time by taking hours of routine tasks out of their business. Our state-of-the-art technology platforms allow us to meet the special needs of a variety of customers – and help in ways our competitors cannot match. Whether performing transactions in your corner store or your internet office, whether you have 5 employees or 50,000, JetPay has the solutions to get the job done for you.

We've Got You Covered


  • JetPay Payment Services

Looking for a credit card processor that helps you make money?

  • JetPay Payroll Services

Looking for a human resource management system that posts jobs, tracks applicants, stores reviews, and provides real convenience to your human resource staff?

  • JetPay Card Services

Looking for money-saving tools for employees and consumers?

JetPay Payment Services is an end-to-end credit and debit card processor located in Carrollton, TX. JetPay specializes in technology solutions for the ecommerce and card-not-present marketplace, as well as supplying traditional payment solutions to brick-and-mortar businesses.

Today, we process for some of the largest ecommerce retailers on the web, because our specialized solutions help to increase their revenues, through recurring payments with automatic renewals, mobile payments from cell phones and iPads, and complete processing and settlement services to merchant banks, sales organizations, and merchants of every size and kind.

JetPay Payroll Services serves thousands of clients across the nation with customized payroll and tax filing solutions from its home in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. The payroll division of JetPay offers comprehensive business services, including human resource management, time and attendance, 401K, and diverse benefits tracking and signup. While providing our payroll solutions to businesses of all types and sizes, we are proud to have earned a 98% customer service rating that distinguishes us from our competitors.

MAC is Here to save you money! With the low-cost MAC Visa Prepaid Card you can minimize or avoid check-cashing fees, better manage your budget, or help your teen or student to learn financial responsibility. Load funds from direct deposit for all or part of your paycheck, tax refund or government disbursement. Deposit a payroll or other check using your smartphone. Transfer funds from a U.S. bank account, or load cash with a Green Dot® MoneyPak® or with InGo from check to your mobile phone. Then shop for everyday purchases in stores, gas stations, restaurants, online – everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Get cash at over 1 million ATMs worldwide, or get cash back with purchases at participating merchants displaying the Visa brand. There are no enrollment fees, no credit checks, and enrollment is easy at www.jetpaycard.com




Mobile payments for your smart phone or tablet just got eaiser.

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mac is for everyone

MAC Prepaid

With the MAC Prepaid Visa® Card there are no credit check, no signup fee and no bank account required!

Affordable Care Act

ACA Report

The Employer Shared Responsibility report, is now available from JetPay Payroll Services.



Building Relationships to Server Our Clients Better

JetPay has partnered with leading innovators, suppliers, and technological power houses to ensure that our products, service, and equipment are always working and always ready for you. Interested in finding out more about JetPay partnership opportunities?


Here is what people are saying about JetPay!

  • ...I am impressed with their willingness and responsiveness to help us problem-solve any business issues that occur in this complex work.
  • It would be very hard for another payroll company to take your business away.
  • ... JetPay's solutions have given Expedia an important component needed to help secure our position as the world's leading travel service.